Kindness is Key

Kindness is so important to your life .  If you don’t have kindness in your life you wont be successful.  If you are mad all the time you will never be happy.  Kindness is so important to have and to be to other people.

One small little comment about there shoes or shirt can either make their day great or bring their day down it just depends on what you say.  Some people really need kindness at school if they don’t get any kindness at home.

One time my family was at a Amish grocery store.  We just got a new dog that day.  My mom went inside and my dad and I stayed outside and played with our dog.  While my mom was in the store she saw someone older getting stuff from the store.  When he was done he went to the cash register and checked out.  He was really having trouble carrying the groceries and he was stumbling a bit.  My mom texted me and asked if I could come in for a second.   I saw that man and I went over to help him with his groceries.  When we got back to his car.  He told me that he used to be able to always carry groceries and I looked up and I saw he was wearing a U.S. Army hat.  I asked if he was in the service.  He said that he was for 7 years until one day he got shot.  We talked for a long time and i knew that he had nobody to ever talk too.

Kindness is a crazy thing.  I gave one example that I had experienced where someone needed kindness and somebody to talk to.  This is something that I want you to do.  I want you to go out one day and if you see somebody that looked lonely, go up and talk to them.  Make sure your parents are with you though.  Then maybe that person you talked to would be kind to someone else.

My Role in Class

Mr. McGuire asked us a question, what is our role in class.  I really had to think about this.  What role do I really play?  What have I done to call it a role?

The reason he asked this question is because of a picture he saw.  It was from a NBA player named Patty Mills.  He was talking about the game they played and about how in the first half they weren’t really into the game.  Then in the second half they got together as a team and played as hard as they could.

I think my role is to help people.  When I help people if they are down I might try to cheer them up by maybe making a joke or saying something.  A example is one time in science Austin was having a lot of trouble with a paper.  I went over to help him.  We started doing the paper and I noticed he kinda started crying.  I told him that it will take you a while to get it and that it is alright.  He started really really trying to do good on the paper.

Now I understand better about what my role is.  I think now that knowing what you do or what your role is.  Your role could change from day to day.  You do not have to have one specific role.  If you do have one specific role you should be really good at it.  If you are not you should not count it as a role.  I really hope you learned a little more about me.  Thank you for reading this post!!


8:02 AM
Its eight o’clock in the morning and I just dropped off Will and Matt of at school and i just got home.  In about ten minutes I am gonna go out and get the old John Deere running and get the field beside my house plowed so I wont have to plow and plant all in on day.  My wife just got home with my dog Rusty. I will take him out and try to jump up a couple rabbits for dinner.

8:32 AM
I just got out in the field and I already busted one bolt of when I hit a rock.  I am going to the shop right now to fix the plow.  After I fix the plow I am gonna go get the skid-steer and attach the rock picker and do the field so I don’t bust it again.

11:21 AM
I just finished picking the field.  In a little bit I am gonna take Rusty out and try to get some rabbits.  I need to go to the house but the Gator just got a flat.  It will take me 20 Minutes to fix that.  Everything is going wrong today.

1:23 PM
It took me longer than I thought to fix the flat.  I just got in the house and when I got here I saw that Rusty was waiting right by the door.

2:39 PM
We went and saw thirteen rabbits.  Rusty got 5 and we went to the barn and cleaned and skinned the rabbits.  When we got done I went back out to plow the field.  I felt like plowing a lot today so I plowed three fields.  The rest got finished by Jim and Ethan.

5:09 PM
I just went to the shop and got the rabbits.  When I got there I saw that one was missing.  Then I started thinking.  Where was Rusty?  IN THE SHOP.  He kinda deserved a rabbit because he got so many.  We probably still will have leftovers.

7:19 PM
We all just ate dinner.  Matt and Will  got there homework finished.  We all are watching tv.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.  We are going to get 3 new tractors.  A John Deere 3,000 series with a loader and cab, a John Deere 20,000, and a John Deere 7930.  I am going to put Will and Matt to sleep in about half an hour.

8:00 PM
We got caught up in a show called Gold Rush.  We just put the kids to sleep.  I better get to sleep.  It is getting late.  I have to get up in the morning and hook the lowboy trailer to the semi.  I will see you tomorrow.

Monsters Under My Bed

Are there really monsters under my bed?  Are they in my head?  Too little kids they are not.  Now that we are older we now know that there is no monster under the bed.  Unless you think that  cute little innocent dog or cat you have is a monster.

The majority of children from 2 – 8 are scared of monsters.  People might try to scare them once and think that there are monsters under their bed.

I was never scared of monsters until I was 3.  I finally noticed that something wasn’t gonna grab my leg and pull me under the bed.  My bed had covers over the bottom of my bed so I felt like I was more safe.

This was a really fun blog post to write about.  I have absolutely no reason why.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my post.  I hope you enjoyed this “scary” blog post.

The Tone of Skeleton Creek : Ghost in The Machine

My book is Ghost in The Machine by Patrick Carman.  This is the second book to the Skeleton Creek series.  This book switches in and out by reading and then watching a video from the main character Ryan’s friend Sarah.  In this blog post I will be talking about the tone in the book

The main tone in the book is to be scary.  The most scary parts are when Ryan or Sarah go to the dredge.  When they go to the dredge they usually have to break a lock and the sneak in.  Sometimes when they are  in the dredge the see a ghostly figure.  Another time when the tone is scary is when The have a run in with somebody they don’t want to.  When they see somebody that tries to figure out what they are doing in the dredge they lie.
Sometimes there are other tones like happy or angry. The tone is usually happy when they find something out about the dredge.  The tone is angry when Ryan’s parents look on his computer to try and find something that he is not supposed to be looking at.

This is the tone of my book.  I really recommend this book series because of all the differnt things that are happening and that they mix videos and reading into it. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

I will be writing about what I am thankful for.  Our family has so many memories that I will never forget.  I am so thankful for having you as my parents.

One of my most favorite memories is Costa Rica. It was my favorite trip we have ever gone on.  My favorite parts of that trip was zip lining and the beach.  That was so fun and it was an amazing trip.

One of my other favorite memories was going to Myrtle beach every year.  I miss going to Connecticut and seeing my relatives that don’t live here.   The ones that do live here I get to see a lot.

Thank you for doing anything and everything you do.  You are the best Mom and Dad ever.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Last night I was reading my book and there was a lot of action.  The first thing that happened was that Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to a camp with other wizards and they thought they were in danger by going.  Ron was not very happy to begin with because he was supposed to go to dinner with his family.  Harry wanted to go so bad so he asked Ron and Hermione to go with him.  Since a lot of wizards were meeting up there the thought that someone might attack their group.  Of course there was danger.  Later when they were gonna go to bed they heard a noise outside.  It was a garden elf.  The garden elf were hated by the wizards.  The elf was so mad that wizards took over his village.  The elf stole a wizards wand so he could get back at the wizards.  The elf casted a spell on all the wizards there that would turn all the wizards into evil spirits to help the elf.  That is what happend in my reading last night.  Thank you for reading my post!!